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Please use only clean, sanitary bottles.  

To clean and sanitize your bottles, follow instructions below:

                 1.  Fill your bottles with clean water about 1/4 full.
                 2.  Put a few drops of dishwashing liquid in the bottle.
                 3.  If you have a clean, thin brush that will fit into the bottle try to brush the
                      inside of the bottle thoroughly, otherwise with the cap on, shake the
                      bottle vigorously so that it's very sudsy.  (Scrub and clean the cap too!)
                 4.  Rinse thoroughly.
                 5.  Repeat Step 1 then add a few drops of bleach.  Use only original bleach.
                      Do not use Lemon or other scented bleaches.
                 6.  Again, shake the bottle vigorously.
                                        7.  Rinse thoroughly and you're ready to go.